November 2017

The Greater White-Fronted Goose was photographed at McKinley Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The Greater White-Fronted Goose is a gray goose with a white patch on the front of the face, a pink bill, speckled belly, white flank line, and orange feet. It has a range of the Arctic circumpolar. It has a habitat of marshes, prairies, fields, lakes, bays, and tundra, and mostly in open country. It feeds mostly on plant material.


The Brewer’s Blackbird was photographed at Wind Lake Sod Farms in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

The Brew’s Blackbird has been difficult for me to photograph, because of its normal range and the few that migrate through the area.

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The male Brewer’s Blackbird is a common blackbird of the West that may have purplish or greenish reflections (usually during breeding) on the body, and has a white eye with a black center. The female Brewer’s Blackbird is a gray-brown color with a dark eye. It has a range of Southwest Canada, and West and North Central United States. It has a habitat of fields, prairies, farms, and parks. It has a diet of mostly insects, seeds, and some berries.