The male Red Crossbill was photographed at Emma Carlin Trail in Jefferson County in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

The female Red Crossbill was foune near the Emma Carlin Trail parking lot located at the top of a tall 160 foot tall Red Pine feeding on pine cones.

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The male Red Crossbill is a dull red (younger more orange) with blackish rump, wings, and tail, and with crossed mandibles. The female Red Crossbill is a dull olive-gray, a dull yellowish rump and breast, and with crossed mandibles. The immature Red Crossbill is striped above and below (above some darker), and with crossed mandibles. It has a range of southern Canada to northeastern edge of United States. It has a habitat of conifers such as firs, spruces, hemlocks and Red Pines. It has a diet of mostly fir and pine seed cones.