This Eastern Phoebe was photographed on Greer Creek Road, Marshfield, Missouri.

These immature Eastern Phoebes were photographed on a bush outside our ding room window as they were being trained for flight and feeding.

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The Easter Phoebe is a gray-brown sparrow sized flycatcher without an eye-ring or strong wing bars with a white chest and a flattened black bill. It has a range of East of the Rockies in the United States and from Central Canada to southern United States. It has a habitat of streamsides, bridges, farms, woodland edges, and roadsides. They feed on mostly insects, by watching from a perch and flying out to catch them, and some berries. It can be noted as it is perching with a bobbing tail, and it has a sharp chip sound. It is one of the earliest migrants that spring is at hand.

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