Red Breasted

The male Red-Breasted Nuthatch was photographed at bird feeders in Muskego, Wisconsin

This female Red-Breasted Nuthatch was photographed in the tree on a cloudy day in Muskego, Wisconsin

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The Red-Breasted Nuthatch has a gray back, a black cap, a white stripe above the eye, a black stripe through the eye, and rusty underparts. It is compact, short tailed, and strong clawed. They nest further north and higher in the mountains than their relatives the White-Breasted Nuthatch. It has a range of southeastern Alaska, Canada, and western and northeastern United Sates. Its habitat is conifer and other trees. The diet is mostly insects and seeds. The Red-Breasted Nuthatch came to the feeders with other White-Breasted Nuthatches and Black-Capped Chickadees.

This female Red-breasted Merganser was photographed at the McKinley Boating Pier Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This male Red-breasted Merganser was photographed at the Milwaukee Art Museum lagoon.

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The female red-Breasted Merganser is gray with a crested rusty head, white wing patch, and red bill and feet. The male is rakish with a black head and dark rusty breast separated by a white collar: red bill and feet. The bill of Mergansers has saw-edged mandibles. They migrate through the interior of the United States, but range from Alaska and through northeast Canada and the United States. Their habitat is on lakes, coastal bays, and the sea. They are diving fish ducks that chiefly eat small fish. The day I saw this pair of Merganser ducks they were grooming them selves, which made it more difficult to photograph them.