The Ring-Necked Pheasant was photographed at the Bong State Recreational Area in Kansasville, Wisconsin.

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A large highly colored and iridescent gamecock-like bird with a long sweeping pointed tail, scarlet waffles on its face, and a white neck-ring. It is a shy bird and runs swiftly, and has a strong flight and noisy takeoff. It was introduced from Asia as a game bird. It thrives in some areas, such as northern prairies. Flocks of these pheasants often are segregated into small groups of males, and larger flocks of females. It ranges widely in North America. It has a habitat at farms, fields, marsh edges, and brush. It feeds on a wide variety of grains and small seeds, green shoots, buds, roots, berries, insects, spiders, earthworms, etc. Typically feeds on the ground scratching and digging with the feet.