The Killdeer family was photographed at the Lake Ferry Express in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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I arrived at the Lake Ferry Express in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see if I could find the newborn Killdeer chicks. A birder sighting waterfowl was the original finder of the Killdeer nest next to the roadside at the parking lot. She explained that the nest was no longer there, and hadn’t seen the baby chicks. She pointed to a log that had been used to protect the nest from passing cars.

I proceeded to look for the baby chicks along the roadside when I heard a Killdeer crying out while flying and landing on the Lake Ferry Express parking lot. Turning toward the parking lot I saw one of the two Killdeer chicks running about and then halting. The adult Killdeer still cried out as it ran to stop the chick from coming toward me. Then the chick started running around toward the side of the ferry building. Looking about I then saw the second chick slowly moving to follow the first chick.  The first chick sped across a sidewalk with the adult bird trying to catch up to it. The lagging chick stopped on the sidewalk. The first chick’s legs were now lopping as it hurried through the grass. A second adult Killdeer stood calmly viewing the action. The first chick headed toward a gate going to a restricted Coast Guard Impoundment. The second chick followed the first chick as the two adults tried to control the chicks’ movements. I decided to leave them be.

This Killdeer, with five others, was photographed on a sidewalk in Woodland Hills sub-division, with two ponds and large fields, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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The Killdeer is a brown-backed white-breasted belted plover with two black breastbands. It is widespread and conspicuous calling its name out as it flies over farmland and other open country. It is often found around waters edge, and on pastures, fields, and large lawns. The diet is mostly insects including beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and spiders. It also eats, earthworms, crayfish, and snails. It forages by walking and running on open ground with head up, stopping to abruptly pick up items on the ground. It calls it’s name as it hurries about. Its range is most of the United States and Canada.

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