The Crested Caracara was most impressive of the rapture presentation, being beautiful, agile, fast, and powerful.

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The following birds were presented:

Harris’s Hawk

Great Horned Owl

Barred Owl

Red Eastern Screech Owl

Gray Eastern Screech Owl

Black Vulture

Northern Crested CaraCara

Bald Eagle


Falconer and veterinary technician John Karger, and founder of “Last Chance Forever” The Bird of Prey Conservancy headed the rapture presentation. All birds of prey were from the conservancy and were rehabilitated and were at one time sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey.

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The Black Vulture is mostly found in flat low lands and nests in forests in the southeast of the United States.

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This big black scavenger is identified by a shot stubby tail and white patch toward the wing tip. It has a gray head. Mostly seen in the southeast of the United States. Avoids higher mountains, scarce in open plains. Usually seen soaring in the sky or perched on dead trees, posts, power poles, or on the ground. The Black Vulture has a wingspan less than 5 feet.