This Pied-Billed Grebe was found and photographed at the Wehr Nature Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The Pied-Billed grebe is a small brown and gray swimmer bird. A thick pale chicken like bill notes it with a ring around it. When breeding it has a black throat patch. In the winter it is browner and the black throat patch and ringed bill are absent. It is far less sociable than most Grebes, almost never in flocks, and sometimes is found singly in small ponds or streams.  Its habitats are ponds, lakes or marshes and in breeding season sites with heavy vegetation. It feeds on insects, fish, and other aquatic life. Their range is from southern Canada, the United States, and to Argentina.

Grebes are duck like swimmer/divers with thin necks, small heads, lobe toes and with a tail-less like appearance.