New Orleans

The White Winged Dove is similar to a Mourning Dove but has a large white patch on the wing and white tail corner tips.

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A brown Dove similar to the Mourning Dove except with a large white patch on the wing, a rounded tail with white corners and black stripping. It has a range from the Southwest States to Peru, but is becoming more common in the South. It can be seen along the Gulf Coast, and is known as the Dove of the desert. It has a habitat in river woods, mesquites, groves, and towns. It diets on mostly seeds, some fruits, and berries. I saw the Dove thinking it was a Mourning Dove, and was able to photograph only two photos.

This Snowy Egret was photographed at Venetian Isles sub-division in New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Snowy Egret is a rather small white Egret with a slender black bill, black legs, and yellow feet. A yellow local spot is before the eye, except it is red when it is breeding. . Young birds may show yellowish or greenish on much of the rear side of the legs. It ranges on the coasts of the United States, and the southwestern states, large rivers or lakes. Its habitat is marshes, swamps, ponds, and shore with salt or fresh water. The diet includes fish, crabs, crayfish, frogs, snakes, insects, snails worms, lizards, and rodents. When feeding it often rushes about, shuffling its feet to stir up food.

Photo taken on St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA

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The typical Rock Dove is gray with a whitish rump, black wing bars, and a broad dark tal band. Domestic Rock Doves may have a wide range of color variants. It is world wide in domestication and can be found about cities, farms, cliffs, and bridges.

Photo taken on St Charles Ave. near the Garden District in New Orleans, LA

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Ringed Turtle Doves are domesticated and are established in several Florida cities, but is spreading out.

The Ringed Turtle Dove is noted with pale gray or beige color and a narrow black neck-ring. The darker primaries are paler and not contrasting strongly with the rest of the wing.  The rounded tail shows white in the corners. The range is mostly in the south of the United States, but is spreading out. The habitat is near city parks and trees with water. Its diet is seeds, waste grain, fruits, and insects.