“The Bird Point” web site is presented to keep track of birds that I have been able to photograph. It is a working site that shows the bird views available at the moment. The birds are presented in groupings by common name. With new affordable digital cameras,  such as the Canon Powershot SX200IS with 12X optical zoom and 12X megapixels,  and Canon Powershot SX40 HS with 35X optical zoom and 12X megapixels, it is now possible to get bird photos in good light and longer distances.  But one must be ready and quick as the birds are ready to for hide and seek. I hope everyone enjoys the bird site. You are requested to respond with any corrections or comments and to notify if I select the wrong grouping or type.

To view a thebirdpoint site a bird name is given with a photo or photos for the bird of interest, a selectable link is given for viewing photos of the bird, some info may be given, and another link may be given for additional info. After selecting the bird photo link, select either slideshow or click each photo to see the larger photo. Selection continues, or select “go back one page” until returning to the thebirdpoint home page. Categories or tags may be selected for listing all bird views that apply. To get out of thebirdpoint just select or search your own next point of interest on the web. Thanks for looking and for any likes or comments.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Hello again Sid!
    We just met today at the Wehr Nature Center and I remembered your website address, and although I have not yet had a chance to look through your site, it looks like you have a ton of great stuff. I gave you one of my on-line galleries address’s ( http://longerwaves.deviantart.com/gallery/ )in case you would like to see what my stuff looks like. I also have the shots of the Blue Heron in the same gallery and figured by how much you like birds that you would be interested in seeing this majestic bird having a bit of lunch.
    I would really like to see the other pictures that you were talking about so if it’s not too much trouble would you be able to send me the link for it as I forgot the address.
    Anywho, it was nice meeting you, and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.
    May all your days be sunny

    1. Sid Hamm Says:

      You have an interesting site. I imagine it took some time to do. My panorama site is: http://thepanoranapoint.wordpress.com
      Thanks for looking, we will probably see each other again.

  2. Annette (Knapp) Says:

    Sid, I looked through your recent (2011) bird photos and am in awe of them all…..such a talented artist you are…..the pictures are beautiful…I don’t think the beauty of these birds comes even close to being matched in Nature…..Such a beautiful thing you do……..

    I’ve bookmarked your site and will browse again……

    Best wishes….Annette (PHS)

    1. Annette, thanks for looking at the birds and your comments. It’s been a hot humid summer so hope the fall is better…Sid

  3. dianne - life as i see it Says:

    wonderful images, i enjoyed

  4. Nothing hurt Says:

    I am impressed with the patience it takes to get such lovely photos!

  5. Robin Taylor Says:

    Good Morning, Sir.
    Just moved to SC from VA, and happened onto your website. Your pics helped me to begin to recognize a few birds common to Myrtle Beach. Just wanted to thank you for your service. Your love of birds, and your gift for photography, is blessing many bird lovers. I, for one, have very little time to explore my new surroundings. Thank you again.

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